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Idea analysis

From how likely your Idea will succeed to industry insights, SWOT Analysis, business strategies and 12+ important metrics.

Market Research

Understand market size, trends, growth potential, competition, target audience and everything you need to make the right decision.

Winning Strategies

Well structured Strategies for Branding, content, digital marketing, revenue streams and Naming to steer you in the right direction.

Action Plans

Dont just evaluate, take actions with detailed business plan, financial plan, revenue model and detailed launch checklist.

How It Works?


Submit your business idea for evaluation.



Gritt AI's algorithms analyze your idea.



Receive actionable insights & strategies.



Use the feedback to launch your business.


Report Examples

Brand that creates personalized fragrances for individuals based on their personality & style.
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Website that sells organic & chemical free cold pressed goat milk soap made of ayurveda herbs
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An app that allows people to rent a friend for a few hours to combat loneliness and improve their mood.
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Virtual and augmented reality-based real estate tours
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A wellness coaching service that offers customized guidance on diet, exercise and stress management
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A portable, all-in-one workstation that can be easily transported and set up in any location.
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An app that uses AI to help stock traders make profits based on top earning accounts.
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A Dog friendly cafe, serves healthy food for dog and fun board games for the dog parent in london
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An online tool that helps people organize their wardrobe, create new outfits, and discover new fashion trends.
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